Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Memoriam fit for a Mistro 1954-2006

David Barry Salovitz, loving spouse of Matthew Zirakian, died on October 29, 2006. David leaves his spouse of 6 years, three sisters and two brothers. David had an extended family reaching the four corners of the world, including London-England and Phoenix-Arizona.

Born on a hot and steamy summer day in Biloxi, Mississippi over 50 years ago, David lived in New York City for 15 years where he studied voice and opera. Upon returning to Massachusetts where he spent most of his childhood, David continued to professionally perform for various Temples and Churches in the Metro-Boston area. David was heavily involved it the performing arts, performing one-man shows, opera, operetta, music theater, and dinner theater thought the years. Nominated several times for honors, David never forgot the joy of singing, and would often volunteer his time and voice for worthy causes. Davids infectious laugh could be heard for miles around, always coming from joy and personal contentment. Having overcome numerous adversities, both personal and professionally, David never forgot who he was, what he wanted in life, and how he would be remembered when the Heavens came to take him home.

Laughter was always the first thing he resorted to, and he had come to be know as the laughing penguin, an endearing and loving reference to the cute and jovial penguin. Always willing to make fun of himself, Davids laughter became a staple at the catering companies and restaurants he managed. He would often say that "Laughter was really the food of the Gods" and being diabetic, want of food was not something he took lightly! He often told those around him how he "ate himself through Italy", and never gained a pound! So with a tortilla chip in his hand, he would dance in laughter, provoking outstanding joy from his staff, and used his fun personality to get others to work together and finish the task at hand. He would say the best way to get others to do what you need them is do is provide a fun environment and enjoy the process. Having spent long hours rehearsing or it the restaurant, David would never forget to take the time to laugh and learned not to sweat the small stuff.

As a loving spouse, fantastic cook, and domestic around the house, David nurtured and loved the five most wonderful rescued dogs. Having met his first in 1990, Lucy a Boxer/Ridgeback mix was the only dog at the Spanish Harlem ASPCA who was not barking. Lucy provided love, companionship during times of turmoil and personal loss, but never missed a step in his heart or by his side. Today Lucy continues to provide love, although her long 15 years show a happy dog dealing with age, and the loss of her one and only true master. Lucy began to share her home with 4 others dogs, first by Fion, an Irish Greyhound from Waterford-Eire, Maxwell a pedigree Pug, Rosetta a Italian/Vishla mix and last but not least, Suki a pedigree Japanese Shiba Inu. Having added 5 canines into his life, David never forget his human qualities and had the amazing ability of juggling the dog responsibilities with the human ones.

Even the frequent trips to the area dog park would not deter David with his love for animals and duty to man. He often remarked that fellow canine owners would be amazed that the 5 dogs all got along and did not fight. He eventually after explaining the unknown reasons, said they all got along because they had a loving home and owners who wanted them-after being given up or abandoned previously. All 5 dogs remain a constant reminder of Davids love, compassion, loyalty, eagerness to help others and uncanny ability to love from the bottom of his heart. Shoes that can never be filled become shoes of treasures, and to this David Barry Salovitz will always be remembered.